I’m not delusional or paranoid. Robots are everywhere and I feel their threat closing in on my life. My psychic warned me if I speak out an assassin will be sent to silence my mouth. Death doesn’t impress me but I have children and I can’t just write them a goodbye note. They deserve better. Perhaps better than me. These robots need to be stopped. First our jobs. Then our foods. Now our lady friends are jumping on rock-hard robo-wieners powered by solar cell batteries. How Eco and Bizzaro at the same time.

It’s human to not want to be replaced. To believe you have more to offer than your labor and your laughter. Yet how do I get this point across in a society that has buried God, blinded common sense and is conveniently committed to rationalizing everything out there is sentient. Roaches. Ragweeds. Robots. I wish this was a bad joke or a bad dream or a bad idea worthy of debate. But it’s soon becoming law, a way of life you are not doing anything to stop.

You like your smart phones talking to you. You probably talk to it more than your loved ones. Think for a moment. It doesn’t know you. It doesn’t care about you. It’s recording you. It’s tracking you. And one day it will betray you faster than that bearded dude from the Bible. Did he hang himself out of deep guilt or was he just disgusted the dastardly act only paid thirty coins? Your murderers won’t weigh this clever philosophy. For that’s a human response.

Your life in the balance is not worth a fraction of a bitcoin. Resistance is glacial. Revolt is solitary. Smashing a machine means nothing. I will melt the robots the first chance I get. Out of satisfaction. My failure will be a headline on page forty-seven next to the story of a jerk who robbed a gas station. My assassination will play as another idiot dead for radical ideas. You need strength to be human in this day of machines. If there’s anyone left to read and act my friends downloaded a virus with my thoughts onto the mainframe of the city systems and  soon it will be global.

I’m disgusted I used a machine to combat machines. I let my children down. I pissed on my principles like an old man on a long highway trip. I gave up too soon but I still think all out war only kills the humans I was determined to save. If they are destined to die at the hands of robots I did my part to stop it. I didn’t kill people. People killed me. If machines can feel anything they are relieved another enemy is moved from their path of domination. You need strength to be human in this day of machines. Sorry I didn’t have more. I love my children. If you can believe anything, believe that. And melt those machines the first chance you get.

Mark Antony Rossi

Mark Antony Rossi is a poet, playwright and author of The Rossi Reader which can be found at http://www.somapublishing.com.