This has been an amazing adventure and I absolutely love what we’ve put together here at The Blake-Jones Review. My world has been in upheaval for more than a year and a half and now I find myself in a different place (literally and metaphorically). To that end, I believe it’s time to amend and expand.

The Blake-Jones Review will remain open forever, or at least as long as I am around. This is me officially putting out a BOLO for what’s coming next.

Shortly, The South Shore Art & Literary Review will launch, but in order to do that, there will need to be content. If you’ve been a contributor to BJR and would like to have your work re-published in the new magazine, please contact us and let us know. At that time, you can take advantage of the opportunity to update your bio or bio photo.

If you would like to contribute new work, please attach each piece in a separate word document along with your bio photo. In the body of the email, please include your bio statement and a brief description of your piece(s).

What we are looking for:

Flash Fiction
Short Stories
Creative Non-Fiction
Book and Story Reviews

This list will certainly grow and please do float any ideas you have with us. We might love it!