Fiona Apple waited until she was forty-two to give us a line from when she was fifteen


Marble smoothness melting to a waxy rot, rich giving the impression of being smart

I got sick, I got sad, I came back, I don’t know why

War cries felt like a candle that never burnt out, exhausting for nothing but grief

Who knows where the torch is now

Only that I can pray though forgiveness is harder // Dona nobis pacem

Waiting for penitence is a drop in the ocean from when you metaphorically spit and simultaneously crushed me // Dona nobis pacem

With which there came no warning // Dona nobis pacem

Jacqueline Brown

Jacqueline Brown is an Irish-American studying at the University of Pennsylvania. Her work has previously been published or is forthcoming in The Blue Nib, FEED, the debut issues of Truffle Magazine and The Initial Journal, and elsewhere.