we are safe.
We are safe
on the beach
in this canoe.
At night, alone
in this canoe,
we are safe.
There might be

the sound
of crabs
and dogs
and wolves
howling in
the mountains,
but not on the
beach, where we are,
safe, in this canoe.
So safe, so alone,
in this canoe,
we have a gun,
we have

mosquito netting,
we have a book,
we have a signal
flare, a candle, we
have everything we
have ever wanted,
and now we can
relax, we don’t have
to worry anymore
everything is fine,
nothing will happen,
not in this canoe,
not with the abundance
we have in this canoe,
not with the solitude
we have in this canoe
in this

In this canoe, this canoe,
I have never been happier,
than I am in this canoe,
I don’t know why it is,
but somehow, in it as we
are, in this canoe, I don’t
feel safe, I don’t feel safe
at all – I don’t feel safe
in this canoe – do you?

Ricky Garni

Ricky Garni works as a graphic designer for a regional wine company and staff photographer for Horse & Buggy Press (Durham, NC), a gallery and design studio that uses a nifty 19th century letterpress for many of their publications.